Friday, March 28, 2008

Matching Dresses!

I just couldn't resist! They have the cutest dresses at Marshall's that come with a dress for your doll! The best part is it only cost $10! You can't beat that! I just wish I could have found the same one in Charlotte's size too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Little Get To Know Me Fun!

If you decide to take these questions and answer them on your BLOG please let me know by leaving a comment so I can visit and learn more about you!

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? I guess I'd say "ok" John would say "it better be a boy!" :)

2. When was the last time you flew on a plane? Christmas 2007 to see all the family in Maryland.

3. What did the last text message you sent say? You are the best you there will ever be.

4. What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? They have to be bigger than me and a good dancer.

5. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? My office... if you've seen it you know what I mean.

6. Shoe size? 11

7. Been to Mexico? No

8. When is the last time you had a massage? I guess a couple months ago after a Chiropractic visit

9. What was the last TV show you watched? John and Kate Plus Eight

10. What are your plans for the weekend? Church and watching Katie hunt Easter Eggs.

11. If your significant other asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say? Yes if we can do it in Hawaii

12. What is in the back seat of your car right now? 2 car seats and some toys, and probably a lot of spilled snacks.

13. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? Sleeping

14. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be? Vince Vaughn

15. Have you ever been to a strip club? Kind of

16. What is the best ice cream flavor? Half Baked

17. What is the last sporting event you watched? Volleyball last night

18. Ever go camping? Before kids we did... we have plans to try it again this summer.

19. Last phone call? My Mom and Jeana

20. Are you allergic to anything? Cats

21. What is one thing you have learned about life recently? To be present in the current moment instead of living in the past or future. It's hard to do but I'm trying.

22. What do you do at work? Whatever my two little supervisors need me to do. :)

23. What is your mom's name? Linda

24. Ever cried for no reason? Yes

25. Can you do the Crank Dat dance? If I knew what it was I'm sure I could do it! Cause I can do the Roger Rabbit like there's no tomorrow! ;)

26. What is your favorite color to wear? I would like to say Pink... but looking at my closet I would have to say black or blue.

27. What is the longest plane ride you have ever been on? To Maryland with an infant and a toddler! Actually that's not true.... when Katie was a baby and we were flying back from Maryland we sat on the plane for an hour while they worked on something before we took off so that added an hour to our 3 hour trip.

28. What is the longest road trip you have ever taken? To Maryland with John with a detour through OK and AL to visit some of his Army buddies.

29. What are your turn-offs? Rude people

30. What are you craving right now? hmmm..... Nachos

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Pajamas

Aunt Linda gave the girls their Easter presents a little early and of course Katie had to put hers on as soon as we got home. I couldn't resist putting this picture up of them both making the same face.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

You might be a redneck if.....

you use a Skoal can as a chew toy.......

and elk horns as a jungle gym! Uncle Albert and his elk from this year.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Peek A Boo

Katie was having fun playing Peek A Boo with Charlotte hiding under the blankets on our bed.
Charlotte with a little bit of leftover carrots on her face! She is actually eating really well and usually doesn't spit anything back out, so she doesn't get too messy. She loves cereal and eats green beans pretty well but we are still adjusting to the carrots.