Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Vacation

We went to Maryland for Christmas to visit family so Charlotte had her first airplane ride! She did pretty well, although the people in the seats around us may have disagreed.

Katie loved playing with all of her cousins and of course her Grandma Wright. Here Katie, Aunt Teresa, Grandma Wright and all the cousins are saying their prayer before dinner at Grandma Wright's house. Katie can say her prayer all by herself now. It is so cute.

Just a pretty sky picture from Grandma's house.

Katie enjoying some of Grandma's cookies and posing in front of the mountain of presents at Grandma's house. John Deere is very popular at Grandma Wright's house!

Waiting for our flight at the Baltimore airport. I just love the matching sweat suits the girls got from Bonnie & Doug, it's there first matching outfit!

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