Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Leg Story

Katie fractured her leg just under her knee the second day we were in Maryland. Sharon and Rob were having a very nice birthday party up at their house and all the kids were outside playing. Katie was jumping on the trampoline and just landed wrong I guess. She didn't fall off, that's what everyone asks. John was right there by her and he said he thought he heard a pop. Of course she started crying and wouldn't let john put her down. Becky, who is a nurse, looked at it but there was no swelling or anything. Finally after she wouldn't even try to walk on it we decided to go to the emergency room. Jacki went with us and she was a HUGE help with Katie and Charlotte. Even at the hospital I kept thinking they would tell us that she was fine, probably just pulled something, but nope! They came back from looking at the x-rays and said it was fractured and she would need a cast.
They put a splint on it, since it was a Sunday, and told us to go to an orthopedic doctor the next day for a cast. This is Katie at Sharon and Rob's after the trip to the emergency room. As you can see she wasn't really in the mood to continue the birthday party. This is after she drove me around in the little yellow car for a while. I think Sharon has a picture of that, so if I get it from her I will share.

I wanted to get a picture of Katie with her cast by the trampoline, but she didn't want to sit on it, so Jacki held her.

Now Katie has an orange cast because when we took her to the doctor out here they took the pink one off and x-rayed it again and decided she needed a cast for another 3 weeks.

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Tamera said...

That stinks, especially since it happened at the beginning. Hope she will get the cast off soon.