Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

I know I need to catch up on my blog! Sorry! I have still been taking pictures everyday, I just haven't had the time or the motivation to upload them. So this post will be out of order, but had to post some of Charlotte's birthday for Carolyn.

My very, very, talented friend Tracy made this adorable cake! It's "Backpack" from Dora and that is Charlotte's blanket coming out of the top and "Map" on the other side. I didn't want to cut it, but since I didn't have a backup cake or cupcakes I had to! It was delicious! In fact I think I had some for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Tracy made the cake for me and I'm going to take family pictures for her, I can't wait!

Miah, Katie and I made a pinata. All of my "action shots" of all the kids swinging at the pinata didn't come out very good. This was one of the best ones and the last one since Wyatt busted it open.

Charlotte spent most of her birthday playing in the dirt. Jeana gave her a little bucket and shovel which made her very happy. We finally had to drag her in to sing Happy Birthday and open presents.

Here's the birthday girl with her birthday shirt on. She was cryin and going inside because I wouldn't let her step in front of Katie while she was swinging. I know I'm a mean, mean mom!

My beautiful Aunt Dude made the trip up the mountain with Albert and Linda. She got the girls the pretties little princess crowns! I will have to get some picture of them in them and their princess dresses sometime.

Katie and her best buddy Hannah! She told me I could take a picture of them if I let them have Popsicles! She is learning too fast how to get her way!


Tamera said...

That cake is amazing! Trust me, you are not neglecting your blog. I have sooooo much catching up to do! It's a good thing I'm not doing this picture a day thing! lol

Tamera said...

You are way behind on your days!! :)