Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Stitches

Had a little trip to the emergency room last night. Charlotte fell backwards in a chair and split her chin open. Poor girl! She didn't like being held down so they could do the stitches at all. She kept saying "help me mom" or "I wanna go home" or "I hold you mom?". It was so sad, and hard not to snatch her up. Then she started saying "ayudame, ayudame!" The nurse asked me what she was saying and I said I think that's help me in Spanish. The nurse was very impressed and started talking to her in Spanish and then the doctor started talking to her in Spanish. I guess she thought we didn't understand her in English and thought changing languages might get her some help. Or she wanted Diego to show up and rescue her!

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Tamera said...

Poor Charlotte! Hope she is feeling better! That was cute that she was saying "ayudame".