Monday, January 4, 2010

New Wardrobe

Katie got practically a whole new wardrobe from her cousin Shawn for Christmas! It's the cutest Gymboree stuff. Here is a picture of her modeling one outfit the day after Christmas. Katie and I went shopping and Charlotte stayed home with Daddy. Of course the first store we went to Katie fell and ripped a whole in her cute leggings. We were at Target so we looked for a new pair, but they didn't have the cute polka dot ones so she wanted red ones. I talked her out of red and got a plain pink pair. Charlotte got some super cute clothes from Grandma Wright, including this butterfly outfit.

(Yes the boots are on the wrong feet.)


Tamera said...

awww, how cute is she! I love it!

Tamera said...

Charlotte's pigtails are adorable!