Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Fishing Outing

We went fishing on Sunday up by Pat's elk camp. We walked probably less than a half a mile from where we parked to a little creek. John and Katie fished with her Dora fishing pole, although I think John fished a lot more than Katie. She wanted to hang out with Aunt Michelle. Michelle, Tucker and Barry went with us, Pat and Wyatt were hunting. Here are a couple pictures from our outing.

Happy Charlotte enjoying the great outdoors.

Unhappy Charlotte after I scooped a handful of pine needles, seeds and dirt out of her mouth. She just doesn't understand why I wont let her eat all that good stuff that is on the ground. I actually think she would eat better if I just left her a trail of food around the house on the floor.
Katie, our little hiker. She did pretty good on our little walk, although Michelle did have to carry her back up the hill to the car.


Tamera said...

Sounds like a good time! Love all your pictures! Look at all that color on the rock.

JAKWright said...

yeah, I cheated a little on those. :) Used some of the tricks from the finding the color tutorials on the board. shhhhh don't tell!:)