Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Day at the Zoo

Yesterday was a free day at the Denver zoo and for some crazy reason I thought that would make it a good day to go! The weather was perfect, it had to be close to 70 degrees in Denver, but everyone in the state of Colorado had the same great idea! It was sooooo crowded that I think I'd rather pay double and go when there isn't as many people!

Katie's favorite part of the zoo, the MAP! She liked to find the animals on the map and tell us which way we should go.

Tucker in his cave.
Pat and Michelle took the boys out of school and met us there. Pat had a wonderful time, I think he would have stayed till they closed if we would have let him!

You have to get a picture by the Polar Bear! I think I have pics of John and me by this when we first started dating. I will have to try and find them.

I know not the best pics, but my kids would not stay put!

Can you see their hair? Too funny! As you can see they were really impressed with the Zoo!

One of two times I let Charlotte out of the stroller. She loved the ..... water.... there was nothing in there! The Polar Bears would tease everyone by going to the edge and getting a drink, but they didn't jump in while we were there.

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Tamera said...

Great pictures Angie! Glad that you had fun, or as much as you could for a free day. I was thinking it would be overly crowded. At least it was a gorgeous day. I still have no vehicle yet, Zane found some good parts and think he is going to work on it tonight!
Sorry we weren't able to make it!!