Thursday, September 17, 2009

Awesome Craft!

As my friend, and craft lady extraordinaire Teresa would say....Seriously People! Is this the cutest craft ever, or what?

Teresa, really could it get any cuter? These are coasters made out of cocktail napkins and ceramic tiles! These are the ones I made but oh my you should see the cute ones Teresa made! What a super great MOPS craft!!! L-O-V-E IT! I love these napkin so much! I think I might have to just decorate my house to match them! At the very least my kitchen or the girls room, shhhhh don't tell John.

OK you caught me, mine aren't done... I still need to put the clear, shiny finish stuff on and the cork board stuff on the bottom. I ran out of the finish stuff, but they still look cute enough for a picture or two or three or four...

I just thought it was funny that I was searching the web for directions (cause I went and bought the wrong kind of shiny finish stuff) and I found this video and they use the SAME napkin I used!!!

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