Monday, June 2, 2008

It Could Be YOU!

James Dean (the big digital camera) is at Christi's house and my poor little Powershot (the little digital camera) is not feeling well so I'm going into the vault for pictures to post this week! Watch out there could be a picture of you popping up!

Poor Tamera, you are the first victim! Since I know you look at my blog and are one of the very few that leave me comments! (Really people leave comments I'd love to see that you checked out my blog!)

Anyway here is a little blast from the past of Tamera and I on the first day of our eighth grade school year! GO TREK! Tamera, do you remember what that stood for? T-R-E-K? I didn't even remember it but it was written down in my scrapbook.

Any E.V.M.S. Alumni out there? I know you're out there! Post a comment and I will send you a little Creative Memories Scrapbooking treat!

Tamera, Me and Crystal on top of a mountain after a long hike during our eighth grade trip to Snow Mountain Ranch. I don't know if you can see it but I have black sunglasses with a neon green string "laced" through them hanging on my neck! How cool am I? Just wait, I will find some other really good fashion moments to post! Can anyone say M.C. Hammer pants?

If you want to see a picture of you on my blog leave me a comment and I will race to pull something out of the vault, otherwise known as the mess of pictures in Katie's closet. Or just keep coming back you never know when you will be the next post victim!


Tamera said...

OH MY Goodness!! These pictures had me cracking up! Oh, how it brings back memories. I love it!
I don't remember what TREK stood for.

JAKWright said...

I thought they were fun! For some reason I think the K was for Kaleidescope, could that be right? I also still have a bunch of notes and letters from all you guys, those are really funny! I'll have to get some of them out and email them to you.