Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strike a Pose

I thought this was a cute picture of Charlotte. Doesn't she look like she is a model giving the camera her best pout face? I had to put the leg warmers on her to help her poor knees from getting so red.
I'm not sure what look she is giving here, it's almost an Elvis lip curl, but not quite.
Katie was very happy with her red ice cream popsicle thing, better known at a creamsicle. This is the first time I think she has worn her pink cowboy hat, isn't it cute? It was her Easter basket.
This picture is of Katie throwing a fit because I'm taking a picture of her instead of pushing her. It was taken right before I did go push her and she did a complete back flip off of the swing. I guess I do not know the proper way to push someone on the swing because right as I did it she turn back to tell me I was doing it wrong, let go with one hand and did a little back flip. I don't think I will ever get the image of her flipping like that out of my head. Luckily she landed on her hands and knees and not her head! She is fine, not a scrape on her. However Katie and Daddy had to give me a lesson on the proper swing protocol.

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Tamera said...

Love the boots! I so want to get Barrett a pair of the baby legs, but don't think Zane would approve.